Dry / Powder Selections

     Welcome to Greenwood Ice Cream, for 65 years our company has been a leading  manufacturer of specialty frozen desserts. After many years, and numerous customer requests, we decided to develop a new and innovative product line that would make the production of the highest quality frozen desserts possible for domestic and international customers who face challenges like:

        - Costly transportation (refrigerated shipping).
        - High cost of raw materials or limited access to milk, flavors, etc..
        - Refrigeration, space, and storage challenges.

     Our new products address these issues: they are cost effective, shelf stable, easy to store, and simple to use!  Furthermore they will make the highest quality frozen desserts. In short, Greenwood is proud to introduce innovative dry mixes that can produce both dairy and non dairy bases for ... Soft Serve, Hard Pack Ice Cream, Yogurt, Gelato, Custard, Thai Rolled Ice Cream, Italian Ice, Sherbet & Sorbet. Add in our signature line of powdered flavors & colors and you can create an unlimited number of desserts.  We are confident these products will be a welcome and profitable addition to your business.  


      Samples available, please call. If you prefer liquid mix or finished ice cream visit... 


Greenwood Ice Cream
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